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Enrolled Students

Freshman Registration and Registration Fee

Check-in documents:
(1) Admission notice (paid for inspection and returned after verification).
(2) The original copy of the graduation certificate (paid for inspection and returned after verification) and a photocopy (to be submitted) that match the eligibility for the examination.
(3) Before registering, please log in the basic information of student status and fill in the "Basic Information Form for Freshmen", "Comprehensive Data Sheet",
      and submit photocopy of ID card and 1 2-inch photo, please fill in student number and name.
      New student registration information login URL: https://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/net/checkin/index.html.
(4) Military Service Status Questionnaire (only for males).
      Student Support Group Form Download: http://assistance.osa.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1051-646.php?Lang=zh-tw.

※ Note 1: Please print out hard copies for the information forms in No. 3 and No. 4.
※ Note 2: Seniors who are unable to register, please make a power of attorney and entrust others to register.

The Freshman Handbook is available at the beginning of each school year, approximately June through September.

1. Payment date:
(1) Please refer to the registration group website [Registration and Payment Information].
      URL: http://reg.acad .ncku.edu.tw/bin/home.php.
(2) The printable date of the announcement on the website of the Cashier Section of the Finance Office.
      URL: http://cashier.ufo .ncku.edu.tw/bin/home.php.
(3) The school will also send an E-mail to Chengdu University Homepage> Quick link to the email address provided by [Success Portal]
      Remind students to pay the fee to avoid damage to their rights.
2. Go to the Bank of Taiwan Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Portal before the deadline for payment to print and pay the bill by yourself.
(1) Tuition and miscellaneous fees for the first semester are due in late August, and for the second semester in mid-February.
(2) The credit fee payment time for the first semester is about late October, and the second semester is about mid-April.
(3) The school no longer sends the payment slips for tuition and fees and credit fees. Students are requested to download the payment slips from the Bank of Taiwan Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Portal.
      Bill URL: https://school .bot.com.tw/twbank.net/index.aspx.  
(4) All students must pay before the deadline. Failure to pay tuition fees in accordance with the regulations will be regarded as non-registration and will be withdrawn according to the academic rules. (Except for student loan students)

AMBA tuition is paid in two stages, divided into tuition fees and credit fees.

(1) Phase 1 Tuition and fees open on 8/17/109 (Mon) Print (take the first semester of the 109 academic year as an example), and the deadline for payment is September 07, 2010 (Mon).
(2) The credit fee of the second stage will be open on October 16, 2019 (Friday) after the deadline for supplementary changes and rejections. Print (take the first semester of the 109 academic year as an example), and the payment will be due on November 1, 2010 (Sunday).
※ The exact payment deadline is subject to the announcement time of the registration group of the Academic Affairs Office for the current semester.

Pay by the payment deadline and choose one of the following payment methods:
(1) Over-the-counter payment at the branches of the Bank of Taiwan.
(2) Use the online ATM transfer of Taiwan Bank (or other financial institutions).
(3) Use the ATMs of Taiwan Bank (or other financial institutions) to transfer funds.
      Those who use the [Payment] function of an automatic teller machine (ATM) are not subject to the limit of RMB 30,000.
(4) The upper limit of payment for Lai Erfu, OK, Uni-President and FamilyMart convenience stores is 40,000 yuan (if the amount exceeds the amount, please do not use this payment).
(5) Credit card "Internet and Voice Payment".

A. Credit card Voice payment
(1) Voice line 41211111, enter service code 772#, collection agency code 004, press "1", account cancellation number # (please refer to the bill for cancellation code), ID number, credit card number.
(2) Or dial 02-27608818 and press 1→ input the school's special code 8814600014, then press #→ Then press #→ enter the valid year and month of the credit card (4 codes in total), then press #→ enter the 3 codes after the number on the signature column on the back of the card → after completion, please remember the 6-digit authorization code → if the transaction is successful, please wait 2 days After the special line inquiry.
B. Credit card Online payment https://school.bot.com.tw/twbank.net/index.aspx
Click credit card payment → enter the cardholder ID number and debit number (see the bill for details) Click "Login to pay" → after checking, click "Confirm Details" → click "Credit Card Online Payment" → select After the card issuer enters the card number and the date of validity, click "Confirm Debit"→ read the authorization information and click "Confirm Debit"→ the transaction is successful. (Print for record keeping)

※ For more information, please refer to the Finance Department Cashier Group (URL: http://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/bin/home.php ).
    If you have any questions about the amount of the bill, please call the school cashier team (on-campus extension 50607 or 50613).

1. The school no longer sends out payment slips for tuition, miscellaneous and credit fees. Please go online to Taiwan Bank Tuition and Fees Portal a>Download the payment slip. ( URL: https://school.bot.com.tw/twbank.net/ index.aspx )
2. The payment slip printing process is as follows:
(1) Link to the Bank of Taiwan Tuition and Fees Portal (URL: https://school.bot.com.tw a> ).
(2) Click [Student Login].
(3) Enter [ID number], [Student number] and [Birth date] (please fill in the 7-digit date of the Republic of China for birthdays).
(4) On the screen, please click [View] to query the student's payment information.
(5) Relevant payment information will appear on the screen. To print the payment slip, please click [Generate PDF Payment Slip], wait for a few seconds, and a dialog box will appear asking to open or save the file directly. You can print on A4 paper. If you cannot print it out, please call the school cashier team (on-campus extension 50613).
※ To avoid wrong payment, Please select the correct payment academic year, semester and payment item
※ Please do not overpay or pay repeatedly to avoid damage to rights

If you need an official receipt after the payment is completed, you can print out the payment certificate after 2 days (7 working days for the supermarket payment), except for the payment made by the Bank of Taiwan at the counter. The printing process is described as follows:
(1) Connect to the Taiwan Bank Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Portal and log in.
(2) Please click [Student Information Enquiry] under [Student Homework] on the left, and then click [Personal Payment Information Enquiry].
(3) After selecting the semester and payment items for which you want to print the payment receipt, click [OK].
(4) The relevant payment information will appear on the screen. To print the payment slip, please click [Generate PDF Payment Receipt], wait for a few seconds, and a dialog box will appear asking you to open or save the file directly. You can print on A4 paper. If you need to affix the school's seal, please go to the Cashier Section 2 and 3 counters to affix the special seal for registration and payment. (Please note the academic year and semester when printing)
※ Note: The payment receipt of tuition and miscellaneous fees can only be issued in the name of the individual, not the company bank number (the payment receipt for credit classes can be issued open company line number). If you need an official receipt after the payment is completed, you can print the payment certificate after 2 days (7 working days for the payment in the supermarket), except for the payment made by the Bank of Taiwan at the counter. The printing process is described as follows:
(5) Printing of the payment certificate - link to the Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Area of ​​the Cashier's Section - Student Payment Enquiry (recommended to print on a color printer).

Freshmen are required to submit a physical examination form of the physical examination items prescribed by the health security team.
For information about physical examination for new students, please refer to: http: https://health.epsh.ncku.edu.tw/p/404-1097-181254.php?Lang=zh-tw.

At the beginning of the semester, please go to the designated location on campus for a physical examination and submit the physical examination form according to the time scheduled by the health security team (about mid-September to the end of September).

If there is an emergency on the day of the scheduled examination, those who are unable to come to the examination can bring their own health examination form to other public hospitals for physical examination (but do not go to the clinic for a medical examination), and then return the medical examination report to the health care team. The validity period of the medical examination certificate is 3 months. Please re-examine after the expiration date.

The following documents should be prepared for registration with foreign education:
(1) Graduation certificate (or related academic certificate) verified by Chinese embassy abroad.
(2) The entry and exit records issued by the Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of the Interior (photocopy of the entry and exit records of the passport during the period of studying abroad).


Course selection related

1. The course selection and homework method of our school students is divided into the following three stages.
(1) Phase 1: Accept all courses selected by the institute this year.
(2) Stage 2: Accept all courses that have been withdrawn and by-election.
(3) The third stage: Accept all the courses that are dropped and by-election.
2. Instructions for course selection:
(1) The by-election of all courses should be handled online within two weeks after the start of the semester.
(2) By-election for special reasons: After the deadline for course selection in the preceding paragraph, the application can only be processed after the course change or special factors affecting graduation are approved by the teacher of the course and the head of the department.
(3) Course selection results: The student’s course selection list will be forwarded to each department for confirmation and signature, and each department will collect and verify the seal and send it to the registration team as the basis for the official course selection data. Those who do not return in accordance with the regulations are deemed to agree to the content of the course selection table, no objection is allowed . (According to 99.11.17 99.11.17 1st Academic Affairs Meeting of the 99 academic year, the matters needing attention for course selection of National Cheng Kung University students have been revised)
3. Students should choose courses in accordance with the subject table and the regulations of each department, and the subjects offered by their own departments shall prevail. Those who meet the selected reading requirements of each department are allowed to choose the subjects offered by other departments.
Attach course selection SOP p>

The course selection time of our school is based on the announcement time of the Academic Affairs Office.
Taking the first semester of the 109 academic year as an example, the date, time and precautions for course selection in each stage are briefly described as follows:
The first stage: 7/07 09:00 ~ 7/10 17:00 (accept the courses of this department).
The second stage: 09:00 on 8/17 ~ 17:00 on 8/24 (all courses will be accepted for by-election).
The third stage: 9/14 09:00 ~ 9/18 17:00 (open by-election for all courses).
Special factors plus withdrawal: 9/21 ~ 9/24 (to the course selection undertaker of each department (institution) to log in to choose the course).

1. Please go to the bottom of the school homepage and click Successful entry link, enter the account number (student number) and password to log in, and enter the course selection system to select courses.
2. The login password for new students, local students are the 4th code after ID number + 4th code after birthday; foreign students and overseas students are 4 yards after student number + 4 yards after birthday;
3. New students must change their passwords after logging in for the first time. For relevant course selection guidelines, please refer to the operation instructions of the course selection system of the Course Affairs Group of the Academic Affairs Office.
4. For course enquiries, please go to the left side of the school's homepage
       Campus Information>Student Campus>Course and Course Selection Information>Course inquiry by semester.

See the AMBA website for details>Faculty Lineup.

AMBA course selection credits per semester are in principle capped at 12 credits, and at least one course is selected per semester.

If you cannot connect to the course selection system, please contact the Registration Team of the Office of Academic Affairs, on-campus extension 50137.

If you forget the password of the course selection system, please call Chenggong University Accounting Center, on-campus extension 61010. (AMBA office cannot check password)

The start date of the school is based on the school day announced in the calendar, and the start day is 09/07 (take the first semester of the 109 school year as an example).

AMBA class hours are based on course credits,
If the number of credits for this course is 2 credits, the total teaching hours for the semester is 18(hrs) x 2 = 36(hrs).
If the number of credits for this course is 3 credits, the total teaching hours for the semester is 18(hrs) x 3 = 54(hrs).

1. Class location:
(1) Chengda University Headquarters: Room B1 AMBA, School of Management, Guangfu Campus, No. 1, Daxue Road, Tainan City.
2. Class time: Classes are taught during the day.
The actual class time is subject to the current semester's class schedule.

According to "The standard table of tuition and miscellaneous fees for colleges and above" stipulates as follows:
1. Applicants for retirees before the registration date (including the day): Free of payment, full refund for those who have already paid.
2. Apply for leave or dropout from the day after the registration date to the day before the class (start of school) day from : 30% of the tuition fee will be refunded Second, all miscellaneous fees will be refunded.
3. Students who apply for leave or drop out after the class (start of school) day (including the day) but not exceeding one third of the semester: tuition fee , Two-thirds of the miscellaneous fees will be refunded.
4. After the class (start of school) day (including the day) over one-third of the semester, but not over two-thirds of the semester to apply for suspension or withdrawal : One-third of tuition and miscellaneous fees will be refunded.
5. After the class (starting day) (including the day) Applying for leave or withdrawal after two-thirds of the semester: Tuition paid , Miscellaneous fees, non-refundable.

According to the National Cheng Kung University's course selection notices (amended and approved by the 1st Academic Conference of the 99.11.17 99 academic year), the elective subjects can be withdrawn six weeks before the semester examination, but no more than two subjects can be withdrawn and taken after the withdrawal. The total credits should not be lower than the minimum required credits, and after being approved by the department supervisor, they will be sent to the registration group for withdrawal; Subjects to be withdrawn< u>No refund of credit fees, the credits will not be counted in the calculation of credits for the current semester, but must still be recorded on the student’s transcript in Chinese (English), and the score column is registered as “DEL”.


Course and credit requirements

See the AMBA website for details>Programme .

1. The AMBA study period is 1~4 years, and the maximum suspension period is 2 years (the two are calculated separately).
2. The AMBA credits are explained as follows:
Required courses: 27 credits.
Elective courses: 12 credits.

※ Note 1: Anyone who has not taken the three courses of Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting and Statistical Methods in the University Department or in the second, third or fifth year of the fourth and fifth year must take these courses to graduate.
※ Note 2: In addition to the thematic discussion and dissertation, postgraduates in the master class need to complete 39 credits of this special class. Deferred students should take an elective topic discussion every semester.

To check personal grades, please go to the right side of the school homepage and click Successful entry link, enter the account number (student number) and password to log in, and enter the result inquiry system.

I. Instructions for Chinese/English transcript application:
Application Time: Anytime.
Applicants: current students and alumni who have graduated.
2. Application method: You can go to the registration group in person coin application, Online application.

※ Note 1: Communication application must be accompanied by return post Envelope and costs and marked Graduation Year, Application Category, Copies,
※ Note 2: If the transcript is in English, the English name must be attached, and the working day is 3 days.
※ Note 3: If you graduated before 1979 (inclusive), the working day will be 3 working days for those who have an application record, otherwise it will take 1 working day (except for the English graduation certificate which is 100 yuan, both Chinese and English certification documents are all for each copy) 20 yuan).

Credits taken at other schools prior to admission are not deductible.

"Commitment": that is, the subject does not need to be retaken, but no credits can be deducted, and other courses must be taken according to regulations course.

1. Basic Course Arrival:
(1) Subjects: statistical methods, management economics, management accounting.
(2) Qualifications: Students who have studied economics, accounting (cost accounting or management accounting are required, and primary accounting is not accepted), and statistics-related courses for more than 3 credits in college (or above), with a score of 60 or more can apply Arrive repair.
(3) Application Form: Application Form for Enrollment in Basic Courses.
(4) Transcripts must be attached (photocopies are acceptable), but please attach the original for verification by the office staff.

2. Professional coursesArrived:
(1) Subjects: compulsory and elective courses (excluding basic courses).
(2) Qualifications: Those who take credits and courses of the same nature as those of the graduate school in our school or other schools, with a score of 70 or more, can apply for admission.
(3) Application Form: Application Form for Arrival in Professional Courses. (Note: "Subjects to be taken in this professional field" please fill in this field together.)
(4) Please attach the transcript (photocopy is acceptable), but please attach the original for verification by the office staff.

※ Those who hold a certificate of passing subjects in a vocational school before admission. Graduates from the first to third grades of the five colleges are regarded as high school and higher vocational colleges, and their courses cannot be completed.

Please hold the Basic Course Arrival Application Form, Professional Course Arrival Application Form or National Cheng Kung University Credit Recognition Form and Transcripts or study certificates from the original school should be submitted to the AMBA Office.
※ Arrival credit application: Please apply for two months from the registration date of the current semester (subject to the calendar) within, overdue will not be accepted . p>


Master thesis related

Students must identify their advisor before the end of their first year of enrollment, and submit a confirmation of consent to the instruction to the AMBA Office.
In principle, teachers at or above the assistant professor level must be appointed by each department of the School of Management as the supervisor.

(1) Completed 39 credits of required subjects and credits stipulated by the Institute.
(2) With the consent of the advisor.
(3) Log in to our degree one month before the degree exam After applying for the examination system, please print the degree examination application form and ask the advisor to sign and send it to the Institute for processing.
(4) For Final Defense application and operation instructions, please refer to:
      http://campus4.ncku. edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/ .
(5) For other relevant regulations, please refer to "National Cheng Kung University Graduate Degree Examination Rules".

According to "Article 3 of the National Cheng Kung University Graduate Degree Examination Regulations" stipulates that the application deadline and results deliveryTime:
(1) Semester 1: From the completion of registration procedures for graduate students to January 20.
      Oral exam results delivered by January 31 Register group.
(2) Semester 2: From the completion of registration procedures for graduate students to July 20.
      Oral exam results delivered by July 31 Register group.

[Small Reminder] After the oral exam, there are still related documents and forms to be processed. The processing time is about three working days (excluding holidays). Therefore, it is recommended to take the oral exam no later than January 20 and Before July 20Complete, with the results of the oral test before January 31 and deliver to the registration group before July 31 to avoid affecting graduation eligibility.

Please submit three papers:
A paperback to the AMBA office.
A paperback to the library.

(1) Tuition and fees are still payable.
(2) No credit fee required
(3) One topical discussion is required (zero credit). p>


Application for Suspension and Reinstatement

I. Instructions for application for leave of absence:
Suspension time: each semester after registration to semester Before the exam.
2. Procedure for applying for leave of absence:
(1) Please fill in Application form and attach supporting documents with autograph and reason statement.
(2) After completing all the above application forms, together with student ID card and A double registered return envelope should be sent to the AMBA Office for suspension of study.
3. Other matters needing attention:
(1) Students who have completed a leave of absence before the start of the semester will be exempted from paying tuition and miscellaneous fees. If the school is suspended within the refund period, if the tuition and miscellaneous fees have not been paid, the tuition and fees must be paid first, and then the school cashier team can process the refund. fee. For the refund related matters, please refer to the "Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Refund Standard Table". If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lu Huiqing of the Cashier Section (ext. 50613).
(2) The period of leave of absence can be divided into one application for one semester, one academic year, two academic years, etc., but the cumulative number of years is at most two academic years.
(3) Prospective students who have been suspended from school, those who already have grades during the semester of suspension, the grades will not be counted.

Conditions for leave of absence: serious illness (requires hospital certificate) or major accident.

Return to school process:
(1) Please bring the re-registration procedure sheet to the AMBA office to be stamped with the department's seal on the school day.
      URL: http://reg.acad.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1041-601.php?Lang=zh-tw.
(2) After completing the stamp of the department, please go to the cashier team of the school to pay the fee.
(3) After completing the above procedures, please go to the registration team to get your student ID card and complete the course selection online. Overdue registration will not be accepted.


Relevant Document Request

After photocopying the front and back of the student ID card, the student ID card also needs to be brought to the school's registration team for verification as proof of study.

Please go to the Military Training Room for 06-2757575 ext. 50700.
At present, the student car pass is only open to postgraduate applications, and it is limited to the Dongning parking lot.

In principle, you can pick it up at the AMBA office one week after the semester starts.
The correct date is subject to the time given by the school to AMBA.

Do not lend to others.

I. Instructions for the reissuance process of student ID card:
Applicants: current students.
How to apply: Apply in person.
Application cost: 200 yuan for lost replacement or damaged replacement.
2. The application process is as follows:
(1) Please go to Registration Group No. 1 Counter and fill in Application form.
(2) Pay at the automatic slot machine or take the application form to Payment by the cashier group (200 yuan).
(3) Take the application form to Department Chair (Director) and Library signature.
(4) Return to the registration group to submit the application form.
(5) On-site collection time.


Other applications

Wireless Internet access is available around the AMBA offices.

Please call AMBA Office Ms. Caihui Qiu, 06-275-1234 ext 14, tsia@mail.ncku.edu. tw.

The distribution will be completed on the day of the graduation ceremony every year, and it will be returned on the day after the graduation ceremony.


Note: The information on this page is for reference only , if the posting is wrong, the announcement of Chengdu University or the announcement of the AMBA Student Handbook shall prevail.