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Brief History

The Advanced Master of Business Administration Program (AMBA) was established in 2006 respectively. To meet the nation’s policy and the trend of life-time learning, the College has integrated all the departments and institutes of this College to setup the Program. AMBA program is designed for students who have more than two years working experience. The Programs is to educate the students to become an outstanding executive with global vision and utmost management skills in their companies.

NCKU AMBA program is developed to create a collegial environment in which experienced students will gain increased competence in a broad range of management areas and equip with the knowledge, networks and perspective that will enhance their value to their employers and employees, and achieve new career heights in a constantly changing global environment.

The aim of the AMBA Programs is to train all-rounded managers from small firms to high technology giants in Taiwan.

Stressing the integration of theory and practice as well as the integration of teaching and research, the AMBA Program aims at turning the students into highly qualified personnel consistent with international vision and ability to solve problems pragmatically.  The students are required to participate in not only the lectures but also the oversea learning programs arranged by the Department. Moreover, in order to raise students’ English ability, students are encouraged to take English courses from IMBA Department and also demanded to take TOEIC exam before their graduation.

The AMBA program approaches at an advanced management study due to the extensive experience of students admitted to the program.  It combines the very best in conceptual knowledge and academic theory with practical real world applications, and allows ample opportunity for student to explore direct applications of theory to their business issues.  Throughout the program students will examine a multitude of business cases as well as their own companies’ activities.

To facilitate the development of high-tech industry in Taiwan and satisfy the needs for high-quality managers in Tainan Science and Technology Park, the AMBA program is also designed to serve those individuals who already have management experience in the high-tech industry. It offers students an interdisciplinary blend of courses and faculty in the areas of technology and business.  It is a global and integrated program that equips the students with the knowledge that will enhance their value to their companies, and take them to new heights in their intentional careers.

The focus of this Program plays the role of the gateway from the College to the enterprises. Intensive communications and extensive links between them are desired. To broaden the bridge between companies and the College is another issue to be stressed.

The students in the Programs enjoy all outstanding faculty members that are teaching in the College and the leading experts from different industries.